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Coopers Liquid Malt Extract Light 1.5kg (LME)

Coopers Liquid Malt Extract Light 1.5kg (LME)


Use Instead of Sugar In Light Beers or Lagers

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Use Instead of Sugar in Light Beers or Lagers to add a richness and body, highly recommended with single can kits.

Allows you to personalise your brews with a minimum of fuss. Use the whole can in a brew or use part of the can and store the remainder in a sanitised jar in the fridge until next required.

Light Malt Extract is produced by mashing finely ground malted and unmalted barley with water at a temperature not exceeding 75C, then filtering and evaporating the resulting liquid under partial vacuum until it is the consistency of thick honey. The grist comprises a proportion of unmalted barley as constituent of the mash in order to produce a malt extract with a light amber colour.

Why use LME?

Colour - 5.3 ebc


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