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Coopers Carbonation Drops

Coopers Carbonation Drops


Coopers Priming Drops Pack of 60

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Use instead of priming sugar, 1 drop per stubbie (375ml) or 2 for a long neck (750ml) bottle.  For pint/500ml I recommend Maxale Carbonation drops, made in the UK for the UK market.

Coopers Carbonation Drops are a convienient way to prime beer after bottling to aid the start of secondary fermentation. A must for all homebrewers.

Why use Carbonation Drops instead of sugar? There are several benefits:

Accurate Dosage
Dissolve quickly
Convieniently fit bottle necks
No Mess
No Waste

Carbonation Drops can be used in any style of beer, from lager to stout. Although the dosage is based on 375 or 750ml bottles, you can use them in any size bottle. If using a 1L Bottle we would suggest using 2 per bottle. If using a 500ml Bottle I would suggest using 1 per bottle for bitter and 2 per bottle for lager and cider.

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