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Magnum Pear Home Brew Cider

Magnum Pear Home Brew Cider


Makes 40 Pints

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Magnum Pear Cider Home Brew kit is made from high quality European Pear juices, making 23 litres of great cider.

Ready in less that 14 days, just add sugar and water.

The label on the cans all state that they make 30 bottles, but for some reason, they assume that you will be bottling it in 750ml wine type bottles. The priming instructions are also given for these 750ml bottles, so you should only use 2/3rds of the stated amount to avoid any unexpected explosions from over pressurisation if you are using standard 1pint/500ml bottles.

Due to the can manufacture cutting the amount of metal in the can's, these cans are very thin and are VERY prone to dents, Dents dont afffect the contents inside, unless they are leaking and are safe to make.
Requires 1.3kg of Brewing Sugar and Priming Sugar

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