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Alcotec 24 Hour Turbo Klar/Clear

Alcotec 24 Hour Turbo Klar/Clear


24 Hour Finings/ TurboKlar

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Wine and Wash 24-hour finings

A new breed of very efficient wine (and wash) fining agents. Your wine will be crystal clear in 24 hours.

Alcotec 24 Turbo Klar - super fast finings

The Alcotec Turbo Klar finings does the trick in 24 hours normally and in 48 hours in the impossible cases. For finings to work best, it is important that you have degassed the brew and ideally added a stabiliser, or at least made sure that it is not fermenting any more.

It comes in a practical duo-pack, containing all you need to clear 25 litres of wine or wash. Note that it does NOT work on beer (it's too good, you would take out the yeast you need for the secondary fermentation later).

How does it work?

Well, let's first make it clear that a wine (wash etc) will normally clear all by itself if given enough time. This is because as the alcohol rises during fermentation, the yeast will eventually poison itself and drop out to form a sediment. However this may take a long time by itself and also the sediment is likely to be very loose.

Why is the sediment there in the first place? This is a clever survival mechanism for yeast. As the alcohol level goes up, more and more yeast cells will drop out as they can't work any longer (but others can so alcohol will keep rising). The instinct (if you can call it that with yeast cells) is to survive as a group, so the ones on top of the sediment takes the blow of the alcohol and dies while the ones underneath will survive but be dormant, hoping for better times again.

The process of dropping out and forming a sediment is controlled by the yeast cells themselves. They grow long hairs (filaments) when they feel that the food supply is getting too low and the poison (alcohol) level is getting high. With these hairs as arms, they hook together as big clouds and eventually drop down.

With Alcotec 24 Turbo Klar - what we have done is mainly to trick the yeast into growing the filaments faster and also to hook together more firmly so the sediment is formed fast and it is more compact than otherwise. This helps a lot when it is time to rack of the wine.

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