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Little Bottler Complete

Little Bottler Complete


How Did I Bottle Without This Makes Life Easier

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How did i bottle without this!  A must have device if bottling.

The Little Bottler is an ingenious device which makes the filling of bottles a breeze.

Simply fit the tap to your fermenting vessel and when your brew is ready to bottle, attach the filling tube. The Little Bottler features a valve in the bottom of the tube which starts the flow of beer when depressed and stops it when the bottle is lowered, meaning that you don’t need to control the flow by means of the tap.

Supplied individually packaged, complete with lever action tap and backnut. Includes a rubber washer making it ideal for use with either a fermenting vessel or barrel. Pressure barrels generally have a universal size tap thread.

The bottling stick measures 33cm.

Little Bottler - Top Tip: Fill the bottle to the very top. When you remove the filler, the proper volume is displaced for proper carbonation of beer and aging of wine.

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