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Muntons Beer Kit Enhancer 1kg

Muntons Beer Kit Enhancer 1kg


1Kg Beer Enhancer Spray Malt

Quantity:  at  £7.25  each

2 in stock.

Substitute for sugar for perfect results.

1 kilo bag of Beer Kit Enhancer for best results when using using beer kits.

Packed in a strong, thick bag for safe shipping.

Long best before dates.

How to use; Simply follow instructions as provided on beer kit substituting Beer Kit Enhancer where sugar is used in the original recipe.

If muntons is out of stock I will substitute with Young's, which is the same just rebranded as Young's.

Why use Beer Kit Enhancer instead of normal sugar? There are several benefits:
Speeds start of fermentation
Adds body
Improves flavour
Aids head retention and formation

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