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Copper Still Pot

Copper Still Pot


Not Just An Ornament - Distil Your Own Spirits

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An attractive, ornamental, working miniature pot still, the type used for centuries for distillation of essences and spirits. 

Simple and effective operation, all that is required is methylated spirits for the burner and the raw material to distil.
Constructed though out from copper.
Consists of a pot with removable lid and thermometer held in place by a screw clamp, a spirit burner and a coiled condenser tube in a water bath.
 The copper pot still should be set up according to the instructions  The still pot containing the raw material is heated gently by the burner and the distilled product will drip out of the condenser outlet and into your chosen vessel. The distillation process will take around an hour.  We must point out that it is legal to posses a still, an excise licence may be required to distill alcohol in the UK.
2.8 litre/4.9 pint pot capacity
Copper construction supported on wrought iron frame mounted on a polished wooden base
The plastic tube supplied will need to be connected to you cold water tap and meths will be required for the burner.
Height 42 cm
Width 21.5 cm
Length 49 cm
Weight 5 kg.
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