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American Craft Ale MicroBrewery Pale Ale APA 5.6% ABV

American Craft Ale MicroBrewery Pale Ale APA 5.6% ABV


American Pale Ale Starter Kit Ideal Present

Quantity:  at  £69.99  each

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Includes all the ingredients & equipment you will need to make 40 pints of American Pale Ale.  Just add tap water & follow the instructions, in around 8 weeks you will be drinking a great pint.  This will improve with another 4-6 weeks if you can wait, but once you have broken the seal it will be differcult to stop.

Kit Includes:

  • 23 Ltr Fermenting Vessel
  • 5 Gallon Beer Keg
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Syphon Tube with Tap
  • CO2 Injection System with bulbs
  • Trial Jar & Hydrometer
  • Air lock
  • Stick on Thermometer
  • APA Ingredients

America has long been a country of bland beers propped up by excellent marketing. Now a revolution of craft breweries and brewpubs are changing the Ale landscape characterised by liberally dry hopping their beers. ABV is also on the rise with 5% being the low end of the scale. Youngs have tailored these kits to emulate these popular ales such as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Most beer kits give you liquid malt extract and a packet of yeast. Youngs Craft Beer kits give you:-
Liquid malt extract
Brewing sugar if needed
a generous packet of yeast specific to the style of ale
hop pellets
priming sugar
detailed instructions

Don't be put off by perceived complexity, these kits are made the same way as all others except after 5 days fermenting you add a packet of hop pellets, then wait another 5 days. That simple.

American Pale Ale 3.6kg 5.6% ABV similar in style to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

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