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Coopers Lager Starter Kit

Coopers Lager Starter Kit


Probably The Nicest Starter Kit On The Market Ideal Gift

Quantity:  at  £69.99  each

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A Great Lager Starter Kit, even comes with DVD.

Kit Contents
1 x 30ltr plastic fermenter,

lid and rubber 'O' ring

1 x tap,washer and sediment reducer

1 x airlock & rubber grommet

1 x little bottler,

bottling valve & tube

1 x Brewing Sugar

1 x Carbonation Drops

1 x adhesive digital thermometer

1 x instructional DVD

1 x hydrometer

30 x 740ml plastic bottles & caps

1 x plastic spoon

1 x 1.7kg can Coopers Lager Malt

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